IMC is an integrated agricultural business operating in Ukraine.

The main areas of IMC’s activities are: cultivation of grain & oilseeds crops, potato production;

storage of grain & oilseeds crops; dairy farming.

IMC is among Ukraine’s top-10 agricultural companies.

In May 2011 IMC conducted IPO on Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Key facts

Land bank -136.6 ths ha

Grain & oilseeds storage capacities - 554 ths t

Production of grain & oilseeds in 2016 - 717 ths t

Production of potato in 2016 - 21 ths t

Production of milk in 2016 - 15 ths t

Revenue in 2015 - USD 140.4 mln

EBITDA in 2015 - USD 66.5 mln


IMC: Operating Results in 2016

In 2016 the IMC harvested 717 ths tonnes of grain and oilseeds (+12% compared to 2015)and 21 ths tonnes of potato (+31% compared to 2015). Significant yields growth of almost all crops. Sales in the crop farming segment in 2016 amounted to 691 ths t. 80% of sales in the crop farming segment (about 556 ths. t) was exported.

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